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Support for children, young people and parent carers


Difficult relationships, worries about money, the environment, your future. We listen, guide and empower.

Mental Health

A safe space and time to talk all things mental health and wellbeing.


Support with stress and anxiety related to school attendance and expectations. 

Therapeutic Mentors offer 1:1 sessions for children, young people and parent carers at home, school, our Abingdon office or in the local community.

Education Mentors can create fun, engaging 1:1 education sessions for children and young people to meet their needs and interests.

We also offer group sessions, for parents and carers and children and young people, please see below for further information or contact us to book.

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Monthly 'Me Time' Parent/ Carer drop ins beginning Spring 2024

Time and space each month for two hours on a Tuesday evening for parents to meet, learn new skills and enjoy.


12 - 16 Groups
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Safe, inclusive mental health for young people 12 - 16 who are struggling with school. 

School Kids

Young People drop ins staring Summer 2024

Weekly young people drop in at our Abingdon office with a focus on wellbeing. 


Sessions held @

The Charter Studios

Abingdon and

Abingdon Carousel Family Centre

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